Thank you for your interest in our school. The purpose of this page is to help you with the details of our school day. Good Shepherd is accredited through the state of South Dakota and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod School Accreditation(WELSSA) program.

We are a 1:1 school in grades 3–8! Students use chromebooks to supplement the curriculum in several areas in the curriculum; however, we still believe teacher:student interaction and teaching is the most important part of our day!

As for the school day:

Our doors open at school at 7:45am, and classes start at 8am.

We have 4 classrooms at our school: full-time kindergarten, First–Second Grade, Third–Fourth Grade, and Fifth–Eighth Grade. Yes, we have multi-grade classrooms. There are several benefits from multi-grade classrooms to the students: repetition/review, family atmosphere, mentoring, etc.

Around noon the children eat lunch in our gymnasium. We provide microwaves for students to make a hot meal. Milk can be ordered separately. Milk is provided with the catered meal.

At 3:30pm school closes for the day, and children are excused to head home or attend our after school care program. The after school program lasts from 3:30–6:30 for a daily fee.

2017-2018 School Fees include: Curriculum Fee of $335(non-refundable), a technology fee of $100(non-refundable), and activity fee of $5(non-refundable). Non-Good Shepherd members also pay a tuition fee of $4508 for the first child.