School Supplies list has been updated on 7/20/2017 (All Grades Updated)

Please consider labeling your child’s school supplies. Additional items can arise during the school year. Your child’s teacher will let you know if they are short on supplies.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.



Here are the school supplies for kindergarten. Please make sure your student comes to the first day with the following items. Reminder: Please label all of your child's school supplies. Backpacks and nap items do not need to be labeled.
Complete change of clothes in plastic bag (shirt, underwear, pants, socks)
1 Large Pink Eraser
8–12—#2 pencils (No Mechanical Pencils) Dixon Ticonderoga is a great brand!
24 count crayons (Crayola preferred)
Paint shirt (A T-Shirt large enough to fit over clothing, mid-thigh to knee-length - no buttons)
10–12—Glue sticks
1—Fiskars blunt tip scissors
Book bag or backpack
10—thick, washable markers (Crayola preferred)
1 Pencil box or bag
Water bottle (optional)
Nap Items: Pillow, Blanket, Mat (mat is optional)
'Tie' Shoes for tying practice (You can wear tie shoes to school, or bring an old pair to leave in the classroom. These are needed by December. Thanks!)
3—1" binders
3—Folders (no prongs necessary)
Grades 1-2

Grades 1-2

Please make sure your student comes to the first day with ALL of the following:
1 large eraser
10 pencil top erasers
Crayons (24 count)
Ruler (metric/standard)
1–1.5 inch or 2 inch binder for wide-lined filler paper
2 pocket folders with prongs
2 spiral WIDE-lined notebooks
WIDE-lined filler paper for binder (150-200 sheets)
12—#2 pencils preferrably "Ticonderoga"—NO MECHANICAL PENCILS
Elmer's Glue ( either 1 bottle or 4 glue sticks)
2 pencil grippers *purchase at school registration
Washable markers
Fiskars scissors
Pencil box or small zip bag
NIV Bible *purchase at school registration
Christian Worship Hymnal *purchase at school
Book bag or backpack
3 Jumbo book covers (for Science & Social Studies & Reading) & 2 Regular book covers (if you want to cover your Bible & hymnal)
Headphones or earbuds
Water bottle- Optional
Grades 3-5

Grade 3-5

Please make sure your student comes to the first day with ALL of the following:
Ruler (metric/standard) inches and centimeters
8 WIDE-lined spiral notebooks (No loose leaf)
6 pens (red, blue, or black)
4 large erasers
5 pencil top erasers
3 pocket folders
12- #2 pencils (Mechanical Pencils OK for 5th Grade Only)
Pencil box or small zip bag
4 – Glue Sticks & Elmer's glue
5th grade compass and protractor (2 in 1 fine)
Fiskars scissors
2 post-it note pads
12 count markers thin or thick
24 count crayons or (colored pencils will work in place of crayons)
NIV Bible
1 pocket size dictionary/thesaurus
Christian Worship Hymnal
3 large book covers ( and 2 regular size if wanted for Bible and Hymnal)
1 pack of highlighters (4 ct.)
1 pack of binder dividers (8–10 pk.)
Optional—Water Bottle
Optional—USB mouse
Grades 6-8

Grades 6-8

Please make sure your student comes to the first day with ALL of the following:
7–8th Grade—500 sheets lined, 3 hole punched, college ruled filler paper
6th Grade—500 sheets lined, 3 hole punched, wide or college ruled filler paper
Ruler (metric/standard)
3 – Glue Sticks
6 pencils **Mechanical encouraged
Special compass *purchase at school registration
2 Red Pens
1 Basic set of Markers
Highlighters (blue, pink, and yellow)
2 – three-ring binders (1" – 1.5" size recommended)
1" Binder for Math (for 8th graders only)
15 – Binder Dividers with storage pockets
Assignment notebook *purchase at school registration
NIV Bible
Christian Worship Hymnal
Luther's Small Catechism (blue)
Calculator (TI-30X IIS or above)
2 large Book covers
Water bottle (optional, not disposable)
USB computer mouse (not bluetooth)
Pencil Box (for markers, scissors, glue...)
Pencil Case (No standing pencil cups or holders)
Headphones or earbuds (something very cheap is fine)