Camp Overview

Good Shepherd Lutheran welcomes you to participate in our third annual Soccer Bible Camp to all children in the community ages 4 through those going into 8th grade. Kids will be learning soccer skills and practicing valuable drills by experienced, competent coaches. They will also be learning important Bible lessons in a fun Christ-centered environment. This is a great way to meet some new friends, get active, and stay connected to our Savior.

Children of grades 5th through 8th will be jogging with their group and coaches to Lions Centennial Park three blocks from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at 6:00pm and returning between 8:05 – 8:10pm. Children Pre-K through 4th will be on our property set up in three groups at three different field locations.

We have grown to four days this year! The fourth day will be a day for BBQ, coaches and parents vs kids scrimmages, and awards. The dates for this year’s camp are Monday, June 26th through Thursday, June 29th, 2017.  The camp runs from 5:45 pm to 8:15 pm each day.

Monday through Wednesday, there will be a free meal offered from 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm for all participating players and their families, as well as all Good Shepherd congregation members. On Thursday, scrimmaging begins the day at 5:45, with our BBQ meal starting around 6:15.

Registration –

You have two options for registration this year:

$20 per participant – includes Soccer jersey and water bottle OR $5 per participant – includes Water bottle only

The water bottle and soccer jersey will both be printed with our new camp logo:


The fee will be paid by June 1stWhen you fill out the registration form.  Please fill out a registration form to see if the size you want is still available.

We are limited to 120 participants because of growing participation and limited space. If we reach that number we will not be able to accept more

Fill out one form for each participant you are registering or call 371-0047; if no one answers, leave your name, number and what you are calling about and we will get back to you shortly!

What To Bring

All items are recommended to be able to fully participate in the sport and for safety:

    • Athletic shorts/ T-shirt or Jersey if you register for one!
    • Shin guards
    • Running shoes/Soccer cleats
    • Your own soccer ball (make sure your name is written on it)
      • Size 3 Ball for Pre-K – Kindergarten, Size 4 Ball for 1st – 4th Grades, Size 5 Ball for 5th – 8th Grades

Sample Schedule

5:45-6:00 Introduction and Opening Devotions

Pre-k – 4th Grade Schedule 5th – 8th Grade Schedule
6:00-6:30 Skill Development 6:00-6:10 Jog to Lions’ Centennial Park
6:30-6:45 Bible Lesson 6:10-6:30 Skills Practice
6:45-7:15 Games for Skill Development 6:30-6:45 Bible Lesson
7:15-7:30 Bible Lesson + Water Break 6:45-7:15 Skills Reinforcement
7:30-8:00 Games / Scrimmaging 7:15-7:30 Bible Lesson + Water Break
7:30-8:00 Games + Scrimmaging
8:00-8:10 Cool-down 8:00-8:10 Jog back to Good Shepherd School
8:10-8:15 Closing and Prayer
8:15 Sign-out

Safety Information

We make a concerted effort to create a safe environment for all ages and have never had as much as a minor injury in previous years. However, there is the possibility of injury in participating in sports such as soccer. In the event of non-serious injury, one of our first-aid trained volunteers will administer aid, as we contact the guardian/parent listed first on the registration form.

In the event of a serious injury, we request permission for our soccer staff to provide whatever necessary for the wellbeing of the child and notify you immediately. This permission will be requested on the registration form.


Each day of camp, please enter the gym to sign-in your child.  For safety of all children Pre-K – 4th grade, you will be listing all names of those you authorize to pick up your child during registration. Your child’s coach will have the registration form throughout the camp. Children will be with their coach or Bible lesson teacher at all times during the camp.

Children should be signed-in before 5:45 pm. The registration table will be available from 5:00 to 5:40 pm, which is the entire time the meal is being offered. Children may join their group and coaches at 5:40, but please supervise your child until that point if you stay for the meal or arrive earlier.


Children will be picked up at 8:15 pm from their group area at Good Shepherd. For Pre-K – 4th grade, whoever checked the child in, must check out by signing the coaches sheet. For 5th through 8th grade youth, you will need to simply sign out on the registration form. If you wish to pick up your child from the 5th – 8th groups early, keep in mind they will be at Lions Centennial Park until about 8:00 pm.

Weather Policy

In the event of light rainy weather we will continue with the soccer camp. Camp participants are welcome to continue participating if they are comfortable doing so.

In the event of heavy rain or any lightning and thunder, we will be moving inside to continue the camp utilizing the gymnasium and classrooms with modifications to camp schedule.

Watch the weather to make your own decision on whether you still wish to send your children, but regardless we will keep them active in soccer during the scheduled time no matter what!

BBQ Fellowship Event on Thursday

After three days of training and drills, we will be having a free fellowship event to eat some good food and to wrap up. This fourth day of camp will be a day for BBQ, coaches and parents vs kids scrimmages, and awards. This event will begin with scrimmaging at 5:45 and the BBQ will begin roughly at 6:15.


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, School, and ECC
4800 S Southeastern Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57103